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Securing that top spot on Google is a sure-fire way to bring in thousands upon thousands of new visitors to your websites. Strategic and effective use of SEO not only helps you generate site traffic, but it also helps you build brand awareness and credibility, and differentiates your sites from competitors. SEO also helps you gain insights into customer preferences and what types of products and services they are looking for. When done right, SEO can be a game changer for your digital marketing programs.  SEO and inbound marketing are the most important digital channels for many organizations, as more internet traffic is generated by organic search. SEO even plays a key role for companies that conduct much of their business offline because according to HubSpot more than 81 percent of all potential customers use the internet to research products before purchase. SEO specialists optimize websites and manage content and links on various platforms to make companies and their product lines more accessible to a digital audience. Digital transformation has led to a huge demand for qualified SEO specialists. Secondary research shows:  SEO is the most in-demand digital marketing skill according to Smart Insights and There are over 11,206 SEO-related jobs available in the U.S. and 5,000 in the UK, according to In India, there are over 11,000 jobs on that require SEO knowledge and skillset.

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