Selenium Certification Training

Selenium Certification Training

Selenium is one of the most well-known testing frameworks in the world that is in use. It is an open source project that allows testers and developers to develop functional tests to drive the browser. It can be used to record workflows so that developers can prevent future regressions of code. Selenium can work on any browser that supports JavaScript since Selenium has been built using JavaScript.
EduInPro’s Selenium Certification course explains how to use the Selenium tool to automate testing of web applications. Selenium is a portable software testing framework for web applications which can be deployed on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.
Below are the learning objectives of iOS app developer course:

  • Set up the WebDriver project in Eclipse and write test cases using TestNG
  • Learn how to work with the TestNG framework with Data Driven framework concepts
  • Understand the scope of Test Automation in DevOps and fundamentals of Test Automation
  • Create Test Cases using Selenium IDE – Record and Playback tool
  • Understand Selenium WebDriver architecture and various layers of interaction
  • Learn to write advanced Selenium Webdriver programs
  • Build an independent automation script
  • Understanding the different locators and handling them in an easy way
  • Learn to deal with various possible scenarios in terms of pop-ups, multiple Windows, frames, taking screenshots
  • Implement Page Object Design Pattern and Data Driven Testing
  • Understand how to use Maven, ANT, AutoIT, Sikuli, log4j, and listeners
  • Learn to use Selenium Grid with TestNG for parallel execution
  • • Execute a project from scratch by building automation framework and automating a few test scenarios.

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