Prince 2 Foundation Certification


Prince 2 Foundation Certification

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environment and is the globally recognized practice-driven approach for management of all types of Projects, defines standards and helps in establishing consistency among running projects. This method is the de-facto standard for Project Management and is accepted worldwide. PRINCE2 Certification is globally recognized Project Management Certification for current and upcoming Project Managers.
Below are the learning objectives of CE2 Foundation Certification Course:

  • The principles of the PRINCE2 Project Management method.
  • Learn to break down the project into manageable chunks.
  • How to start, control, and close projects.
  • How to manage quality.
  • How to manage risk.
  • How to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the specified business case.
  • How to tailor PRINCE2 to different project environments.
  • Acquire the relevant knowledge and skills required to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam

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