Minitab Certification


Minitab Certification

Minitab is a general-purpose statistical software package designed for easy interactive use. MiniTab is a statistical tool used for instructional applications and it is used as a primary tool for analyzing research data. Minitab can be very useful for analyzing data and is commonly used in Six Sigma, particularly in the Measure and Analyse phases of DMAIC. It provides a quick and effective solution for the level of analysis needed for most Six Sigma projects.
A certification in the Minitab showcases the skills to use the tool in process improvement, which is vital in any Six Sigma project. It is an essential certification for the professionals who work on the implementation of Six Sigma methodologies. Six Sigma Belts with little or no experience with Minitab can attend this certification course.
Below are the learning objectives of Minitab Certification:

  • Learn how to navigate within Minitab and perform basic operations
  • Process key statistical data operations using Minitab
  • Export data to various MS office applications
  • Understand and apply various statistical tools in various quality projects
  • Understand and remove common pitfalls in data analysis
  • Master all statistical tools/topics needed for Green/Black belt projects

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