Function Point Analysis


Function Point Analysis

In today’s competitive industry, Software systems are becoming difficult to measure and understand day by day. The Function Point Index helps to evaluate and measure a development project or software system, which helps in the optimization, planning, and effective management of software production.
Function Point Analysis(FPA) is a technique to break systems into smaller components, so they can be better understood and analyzed. FPA provides an objective, comparative measure that assists in the evaluation, planning, management and control of software production. Function Point Analysis (FPA) was first made public by Allan Albrecht. FPA is widely accepted as the sizing measure of clear business significance.
Below are the learning objectives of Function Point Analysis:

  • Understand that Function Points are a measure of software functionality and not a measure of software size or complexity
  • Derive from FP the size of planned, installed, or enhanced software by using McConnell’s table
  • Estimate project effort, duration, and cost through the use of FP productivity history
  • Compare different software projects in terms of the functionality they offer regardless of their relative sizes and complexities
  • Use FP to compare alternative software architectural designs
  • Quantify the productivity of their entire software development or enhancement process from the beginning of the requirements phase to the end of the roll-out phase
  • Know NOT to use FP to judge any individual’s productivity
  • Know NOT to use FP production rates to judge the productivity of a programming team
  • Quantify the quality of their software products.

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