Email Marketing Certification

Email Marketing Certification

Email marketing is a cost-effective part of the digital marketing mix. It is also one of the most challenging digital platforms due to the issues of spam, changes in user interactions with email, mobile usage for email and the fast changing digital environment. Email marketing has been a core tool in digital marketing for many years, however, it is often not used to its full potential due to issues around design, user targeting and deliverability. This course offers a practical guide to getting the most from email campaigns using the latest techniques, tools and best practice.
Below are the learning objectives of email-marketing-certification-course:

  • Understand the role of Email Marketing to deliver your strategic and communication goals
  • How to integrate your email campaigns with your other marketing activities
  • How to plan and execute effective email campaigns from initial concept to analysis
  • Understand the legal and best practice frameworks for email marketing (Opt-in/Opt Out rules and GDPR)
  • Email design, layout, copy and personalization
  • Use A/B and multi-variance testing to improve your emails
  • How to build your database/email lists
  • Optimize and improve your landing pages
  • Segmentation and targeting for better response rates
  • Set KPI’s for email campaigns
  • Analyze metrics to improve future campaign Learn to draw more traffic, as well as gain visibility and awareness of a brand or product
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    As the name suggests, email marketing involves sending marketing messaging using email. When properly done, a personalized email marketing message can be a very effective marketing tool. EduInpro Email Marketing certification course will help participants learn email marketing strategies, including creating effective advertisements to promote products and services. Email Marketing Course emphasizes on advanced marketing strategies using E-mails, guides in creating effective advertisements to promote a product or service, to request business, solicit sales/donations, meant to build loyalty, trust and create brand awareness. E-mail marketing is one of the most effective and personalized modes of gaining the customers trust. E-mails are widely used by almost everyone and direct E-mail marketing produces higher response rate and higher average order value for e-commerce business. The objective of the Email Marketing Certification course is to prepare you to understand how to implement successful email strategies and to make you a specialist in email supporting your current or future roles and career objectives. This is an extended Email Marketing traning which delves deep in to the specifics of email marketing. This allow attendees to develop strategies and techniques that are tailored to each individual, with the assistance of personal and professional guidance. E-mail Marketing is one of the most powerful and personalized modes of gaining the customer's trust. Almost everyone broadly uses e-mails, and direct Email Marketing produces higher response rate and higher average order value for e-commerce business. Email Marketing is now a useful tool, in reaching out to new consumers, retaining existing customers, creating successful advertisements to promote products and services, create brand awareness, and making lifetime customer value.

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