Data Science with R Foundation

Data Science with R Foundation

The Data Science with R Foundation Training focuses on providing in-depth knowledge of various techniques for data analytics using R language. R is one of the most widely used program for data analysis. It’s a powerful language that helps build programs to analyze huge data sets and use visualization techniques to interpret data. We bring this course to give you the expertise needed to understand the language and leverage it to create outstanding programs for data analysis. EduInPro’s Data Science with R Foundation Course provides learning with real-time, practical skills that will help you gain hands-on expertise through the numerous examples, exercises and project work conducted through the course that will help in pursuing a successful career in Data Science.
Below are the learning objectives of Data Science with R Foundation Course:

  • Introduction to Data Science in real world, Project Life cycle, and Data Acquisition
  • Understand Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Study the tools and techniques of Experimentation, Evaluation and Project Deployment.
  • Learn the concept of Prediction and Analysis Segmentation through Clustering.
  • Basics of R including functions, vectors, variables and core principles of programming.
  • To create R programs that will help discover and interpret relationships in complex information and solve real world problems
  • To create R visualizations that will help analyse and handle large data sets to work with statistical and financial data.
  • Learn the basics of Big Data and ways to integrate R with Hadoop.
  • Get trained about the roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist.
  • Live Projects on Data science, analytics and Recommended Systems.
  • Work on data mining, data structures, data manipulation

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