Cloud Computing Security Knowledge


CCSK Certification – Cloud Computing Security Knowledge

Cloud Computing Security Knowledge(CCSK) is a web-based examination of an individual’s competency in key cloud security issues. It was developed by the Cloud Security Alliance to facilitate a common understanding of cloud security concepts, which should increase the quality of risk decisions taken. Now, CCSK is a widely recognized standard of expertise and is the industry’s primary benchmark for measuring cloud security skill sets making it independent cloud security certification worldwide. CCSK is also the basis for a lot of new cloud provider certifications.
Below are the learning objectives of CCSK Certification:

  • Understand the cloud computing architectural framework.
  • Point out cloud computing security controls recommendation.
  • Have Knowledge on securing data across its life cycle.
  • Have Knowledge on Determining the cloud computing security challenges.
  • Have good understanding of Organization flexibility, since cloud computing can easily be adjusted to the needs of your organization.
  • Implement Stabilized organization by reducing downtime, caused due to crisis management.

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