Certified iOS App Developer Course


Certified iOS App Developer Course

iOS developers are much in demand today, and iOS is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems in the world. iOS app developers need to be smart, think out of the box, and stretch their creativity to develop cool iOS applications. Thus, EduInPro brings certified iOS app developer course for those who are keen on learning how to build cool apps on iPhone and iPads. You get to learn the end-to-end creation of apps using Objective-C.
Enroll for our iOS training course and learn to create the next generation iOS apps! With this iOS app developer certification, you’ll learn the core functionality of iOS 10 and how to interact with it using the powerful and intuitive Swift 4.0 programming language.
Below are the learning objectives of iOS app developer course:

  • Our iOS app developer certification training has been designed very diligently to give you complete knowledge on building apps as per best practices and handle app store submissions from the scratch.
  • Work with iOS 8 SDK to build native applications for iPhones and iPads.
  • Understand the use of the Xcode 6 tool to develop debugging and deploying applications.
  • Learn to use Objective-C language in programming applications.
  • Use multiple Model-View-controllers, and storyboards for UI design.
  • Implement Core Data and Autolayout.
  • Submit completed applications to the App Store.

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