Certified Android App Developer

Certified Android App Developer Training

Android developers are in high demand, and there is a huge number of Android app developers today in the competitive industry. A certification in the Android app Development propels your career as a professional Android app developer. EduInPro’s Certified Android App Developer training course is a hands-on guide to designing and building mobile applications using Google’s Android open-source platform. You will also learn to add permissions to your app and work with Android Components like Broadcast receiver, loaders and content providers to persist and recover data, you will also learn to use service and notifications and more.
Below are the learning objectives of Android App Developer Certification:

  • Build your own applications for Android mobile phones
  • Understand how Android applications work, Android application components, manifest, and Intent
  • Design Android applications with compelling user interfaces by using and creating your own layouts using external resources
  • Use Android Web APIs for accessing Web Services such as Twitter, etc., in background services.
  • Take advantage of Android APIs for data storage and retrieval via user preferences, files, and local databases.
  • learn to work with the powerful Android APIs on maps, speech, medias, and hardware to build complex applications.
  • Debug, test and deploy your own applications on Google Play Store

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