Business Case Writing(BCW)

BCW Certification – Business Case Writing

EdulnPro one-day training BCW course is standard. However, we can adapt the course timing for shorter or longer sessions as required. We’ll also analyses a sample of each delegate’s writing before the commencement of BCW Certification course and produce a graph of the results, showing both strengths and areas that need work. Our trainer will talk through the results with delegates individually during the course, giving them targeted feedback that means they can focus on their problem areas and make rapid improvements.

  • How to define the project
  • Analyze, outline and communicate a business case effectively in writing to meet your requirements
  • Identify and compare costs and advantages of alternative solutions to the problem
  • Think of and apply risk assessment techniques to forecast and mitigate potential problems
  • Based on key decision criteria, work out alternative solutions
  • Communicate and present the business case effectively to critical stakeholders to gain acceptance

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