Big data & Hadoop Administrator Course


Big data & Hadoop Administrator Course

Edulnpro Hadoop Admin Training and Cloudera Hadoop Certification will provide you with all the skills in order to successfully work as a Hadoop Administrator. This Hadoop Admin certification course includes fundamentals of Hadoop, Hadoop Clusters, HDFS, MapReduce and HBase. The Hadoop Admin Certification training will make you proficient in working with Hadoop clusters and deploy that knowledge on real world projects.
Below are the learning objectives of Cloudera CCA Hadoop Admin Certificate:

  • Understand the fundamentals and characteristics of Big Data and various scalability options available to help organizations manage Big Data
  • Understand security implementation to secure data and clusters.
  • Understand Hadoop Administration activities and computational frameworks for processing Big Data
  • Work with Hadoop clients, nodes for clients and web interfaces like HUE to work with Hadoop Cluster
  • Use cluster planning and tools for data ingestion into Hadoop clusters, and cluster monitoring activities
  • Utilize Hadoop components within Hadoop ecosystem like Hive, HBase, Spark and Kafka
  • Master the concepts of the Hadoop framework, including architecture, the Hadoop distributed file system and deployment of Hadoop clusters using core or vendor specific distributions

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